Sloping Sue’s Dilema

A friend recently told me that she was shopping with a woman who was very timid and afraid when out in public.  I asked her why she thought this and the response was because the woman clutched onto her shoulder bag constantly.

And I thought to myself, perhaps she just has sloping shoulders like me.  I’m not at all afraid in public, but must clutch onto a shoulder bag constantly or it will just slip right off.  Sometimes, I don’t even know it has fallen and I walk blissfully along until I notice a lightness about me.  It never occurred to me that I too am probably seen as some fearful, clinging type of woman, when really I’m just tired of going back to look for my purse.

Straps of all kinds just slip, slide, and fall down the gentle slope of my shoulders.  This has created a contortionists approach to life where I am constantly clinging, clutching, or attempting to make my shoulders model-straight to avoid the loss of purse, bra strap, evening gown, or other dress strap.

A recent attempt at finding clothing that would suit me better, brought me to create this site and share the information I found with my Sisters of the Sloping Shoulder Setwhich makes us sound like a sorority or some such group.  We should have meetings and tea.